Pest Management Strategic Plans (PMSPs)

Pest Management Strategic Plans - The USDA Office of Pest Management Policy (OPMP) is facilitating the production of Pest Management Strategic Plans (PMS Plans) which are developed by growers, commodity associations, land-grant specialists, food processors, crop consultants, and EPA. These plans address pest management needs and priorities for individual commodities.

Each plan focuses on commodity production in a particular state or region. The plans take a pest-by-pest approach to identifying the current management practices (chemical and non-chemical) and those under development. Plans also state the commodity's priorities for research, regulatory activity, and education/training programs needed for transition to alternative pest management practices.

If you are interested in undertaking development of a PMSP, we strongly encourage you to work with your IPM Center. In the Southern region, contact us. A checklist for completing a PMSP is available (in PDF format). A national effort is currently underway to streamline and standardize the PMSP development process - ask your IPM Center staff about this effort.

For additional information regarding Pest Management Strategic Plans please contact Teung F. Chin (phone 202-720-3481; email or Danesha Seth Carley (phone 919-513-8189; email

Other Publications - In addition to Crop Profiles and PMSPs, the Southern Region IPM Center also supports special extension and research publications dealing with diverse aspects of IPM in the region.