Southern Pea Working Group

Sustainable Production of Southern Pea, Vigna unguiculata, in the Southern Region


This project will implement an economically sustainable program for southern pea, Vigna unguiculata, production in the southeastern USA. This new working group will work with this crop in the Southeastern USA, develop a crop profile for this region and establish a new pest management strategic plan for southern pea pest management. The working group currently has several members that are currently working individually on various aspects of southern crop development and pest management. This proposal will allow for greater coordination between these individual researchers and extension specialists as well as interaction with industry stakeholders for establishing fundable research and extension priorities. This first meeting will introduce the various stakeholders to each other, discuss the current status of southern pea production/pest management, expand the email contact list for the survey, and propose items to be included in the survey. The second meeting will finalize the survey to be sent out, set a time line for completion and discuss the use of Basecamp with the group. The third meeting will plan the 2017 working group meeting, coordinate with the SERFVC educational committee for an educational session on southern peas to be held at the same event and initiate a discussion of the crop profile and PMSP documents to be worked on via Basecamp. The meeting sessions in the fall will be to prepare documents for facilitated discussions at the 1st Southern Pea Working Group Meeting at Savannah and develop a follow-up IPM Working Group proposal to the Southern IPM Center. Both the crop profile and PMSP are to be finalized by February 2017 after the facilitated discussion and group input.