Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Working Group

Southern Region Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Working Group


The overall goal of this project is to establish and host a brown marmorated stink bug working group to catalyze the development and implementation of IPM programs for this pest in the southern US. This invasive insect pest is a serious urban nuisance, due to its propensity for overwintering in structures, and a serious economic pest of orchard crops, row crops, small fruits, and vegetable crops. Populations in the US have been most serious in the mid-Atlantic region, but the distribution is expanding southward and reproducing populations are now present in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. There is growing concern among our conventional and organic growers regarding impact of this invasive pest on cropping systems in the region. Although a strong brown marmorated stink bug working group currently exists in the mid-Atlantic and northeastern US, a southern working group is necessary because the climate, agricultural crops, acreage planted, and spatial distribution of agricultural hosts and adjacent non-crop habitat in the southern US is considerably different from that of the mid-Atlantic regions. Further, there is great demand by southern urban stakeholders for educational materials that explain brown marmorated stink bug ecology and how to properly prevent infestations inside structures. 

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