Regulatory News, February 2013

Minutes from the February 2013 teleconference

Methyl Bromide re-nominations have gone forward. The three nominations are country ham, strawberries, and post-harvest fumigation of dates in California. You can link to the methyl bromide notice here:

Registration status of chlorpyrifos: On Feb. 6, 2013, the EPA released for public comment a volatilzation risk assessment for the organophosphate broad-spectrum insecticide chlorpyrifos. This preliminary assessment examines the human health risks to bystanders near treated fields of various sizes and calculates buffer zones that may be needed to provide adequate protection. There is currently a 30-day comment period and the assessment along with supporting documents are available to the public electronically at!documentDetail;D=EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0850-0114.

EPA registration review

  • The EPA is holding meetings focusing on specific pesticides.
  • The comment period is available for the herbicides bromoxynil and MSMA.
  • The risk profile for chemicals used in fisheries will probably be lowered.

Bees and neonicotinoids: According to a news release posted at, the EPA has rejected a request by the European Food Safety Authority to suspend three neonicotinoids and is continuing its evaluation of the chemistries.

IR-4 Priority Setting: The southern region will be having a priority-setting workshop August 4. IR-4 is looking for suggestions for priorities by IPM stakeholders. Send suggestions for priorities to Michelle Samuel-Foo, who will bring them to the Food Use workshop in September.

Crop Profiles in the works

  • Virginia: apple, grapes, snap beans and peaches
  • Tennessee: cotton (MS) and peanuts (AL) in progress, snap beans in TN is completed and online
  • Texas: Watermelon (TX) and (OK) completed and will be online soon; peanut (TX) in progress

Other state pest issues

  • Texas: Issues in the Deep South include South American palm weevil.
  • Tennessee: The cogongrass eradication effort seems to have worked. Monitoring efforts are continuing for kudzu bug, BMSB, EAB and Asian longhorned beetle.
  • South Carolina: Issues include cogongrass, BMSB and Kudzu bugs.
  • Virginia: Crop profiles for apple, grapes, snap beans and peaches are currently in the process of update.

IPM Enhancement Grants RFA is online at

Honeybee PMSP: Dave Tarpy from NC State University is spearheading a national meeting for a honeybee PMSP with the group Bee Informed. Lynnae Jess is the contact for the IPM Centers.

Other Topics:

  1. Public meeting on Apiculture Crisis - There is a public meeting on pollinator protection on March 5 in Crystal City. Pre-registration is required. More information can be found at .
  2. AAPCO annual meeting - March 17-20: Topics include fracking, pollinator protection, dicamba stewardship, and mitigation issues.
  3. Spotted Wing Drosophila: There have been conference calls with other state agencies talking about what different states are experiences and asking EPA to move forward with materials that growers need. EPA is willing to allow 24-C labels with a higher label rate, but each state has to make the request through the state office. They are granting it for blueberries but are delaying for raspberry and other fruit.