Steering Committee

Role of the Steering Committee

    The Steering Committee consists of approximately twelve voting members and ten non-voting members and meets semi-annually. The Steering Committee provides guidance for executive decisions and administrative management, determines how to implement policies from Advisory Council, and determines the application of priorities to Center efforts through the selection of activities that promote the focus areas recommended by the Advisory Council.

Current Membership

Name Representing
Charles Allen SERA-003, Texas A&M University
Herb Bolton National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA
Henry Fadamiro Auburn U IPM, Auburn University
Edwin Jones Regional Extension Directors Association, Virginia Tech
Joe LaForest Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health, University of Georgia
Danesha Seth Carley Southern IPM Center, NCSU
Mike Weaver Regulatory Information Network, Virginia Tech


For more information, see our Southern Region IPM Partners page.

Steering Committee Policies

Membership Rotation

Decisions: What's a quorum, etc.

May 23, 2005 Decision Policy

April 2005 Decision Policy

Steering Committee Meetings

October 2012: report (PDF)

December 2011: no Steering Committee meeting

June 2011 report (PDF)

November 2010 report (PDF)

June 2010 report (PDF)

November 2009 report (PDF)

June 2009 report (PDF)

December 2008 report (PDF)

June 2008 report (doc) (PDF)

November 2007 report (doc) (PDF)

July 2007 report (doc) (PDF)

December 2006 report (doc) (PDF)

July 2006 report (doc) (PDF)

October 2005 report (html) (.doc)

April 2005 report (PDF)

December 2004 report (PDF)